Goodbye Chuck

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve watched “Chuck” since the beginning. I actually just started watching this year. I can’t remember why I didn’t start when it first aired. If I had to place a bet, I’d say it probably came on at the same time as another show I watched. I’m very loyal to my shows and this was before DVR. The reason I started watching this year wasn’t because I heard about how awesome the show was. Or because people bugged me to watch it. I started watching because I was blown away by how nice of a guy Zachary Levi is.

With Zachary Levi

I had the chance to meet him at this past San Diego Comic Con at the NBC Party (That’s how I roll y’all). He was such a nice guy and easy to talk to! He didn’t rush us off, he wasn’t buried in his phone like most of us are these days. He actually stood there and had a conversation and then asked if I wanted a picture. Of course I said yes. Earlier in the week though I had attended a “Psych” panel at Nerd HQ. What’s Nerd HQ? It was a great place to hangout and meet other fans and nerds. Zachary put it together along with the Nerd machine and had all sorts of things going on. They had panels, parties, video games and of course food & booze. You seriously need both of these things to get through a week of San Diego Comic Con. Anyway, all the money raised from his panels went to Operation Smile. Just how much money you ask? $40,000. Yes, he was able to raise $40,000 just by bringing fans together with their favorite celebrities. When he spoke about the charity and about “Chuck”, you could see how much he cared about both. He wasn’t raising money to get good press, he wasn’t doing it because celebrities are expected to, he did it because he wanted to. He did it because he wanted to help others. When his eyes started to tear up, talking about how awesome the support from the fans have been for both Nerd HQ and “Chuck” I thought I was going to cry! The whole room was quiet and it was pretty awesome.

When I got back home, I purchased Season 1 and was instantly hooked. I haven’t started the other seasons yet but obviously I started watching the current, and last, season. Even though I’m new, I’m already 100% attached to these characters. I was on the edge of my seat during last weeks episode. I couldn’t imagine being on the edge of my seat just wondering if the show would get another season. You “Chuck” fans are amazing. The fact you were able to fight for your little show just goes to show anything is possible in numbers.

Even though I’m late to the game, I want to say thank you to Zachary Levi and to the show. I actually feel bad and wish I had started watching sooner. I’m sure it wouldn’t have made a difference, but you never know. I want to wish everyone on the cast good luck in the future and that I hope Nerd HQ is around for a long time!

Celebrity Encounters Of The Comic Con Kind

I’m still in San Diego as I write this, I return home tomorrow. While I don’t have the time right now to write everything up for my Comic Con blog, I do have the time to share my awesome celebrity encounters with you guys!

The first encounter happened Thursday at the Michael Ausiello party. It was a party for fans and you had to be one of the first 100 to send an email to a special email account. I was lucky enough to win! I wasn’t sure who I’d see there but I knew Zachary Levi (“Chuck”) would be for sure. The party started off slow but then the cast of “Psych” showed up! I was able to meet James Roday, Corbin Bernsen & Timothy Omundson! I blew Timothy Omudson away with my compliments of his episode of “Criminal Minds.” You know that’s right! Then I mentioned to James Roday that I enjoyed his episode of “Fear Itself.” Mind. Blown. That’s just how I roll! Enough chit chat, here’s the photo evidence!

DSC03064 DSC03066 DSC03067 DSC03065

It was awesome. They were all really nice!

Friday involved a few elevator moments. The hotel we’re staying at hosts a number of parties and is the Syfy hotel for San Diego Comic Con. While sitting in the lobby after leaving a party, I saw Eddie McClintock (“Warehouse 13” & “Bones”) and his wife walk through the lobby looking adorable. I casually made my way to the elevators and ended up riding with them and two other guys who Eddie made fun of as soon as they left. He was super nice but before I could really say anything, they got off. On the way back down though, the doors opened on the 4th floor where the party was being held and I saw Danny Devito! If you think he’s short on TV/movies, see him in person! Then, later on, I went down to the 9th floor for ice, only to find out it’s only on our floor. Fail. I waited and waited for the elevator which was full of loud ass people. The doors opened and there was David Zayas (“Dexter”) and C.S. Lee (“Dexter)! The elevator was full and I almost didn’t get on but they waved me on. We joked about my empty ice bucket and then I got off on my floor. That’s when I preceded to run down the hallway and bang on my door at Midnight.

Saturday was the big party. I won access to the NBC FanIt party! It was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and we were treated like royalty. Anything we needed, we got! It was great! I felt like a celebrity! But the fun started before I even got there. I’m a huge fan of “Being Human” on Syfy. Who just happened to be walking down the street in front of our hotel? Sam Witwer! He plays “Aiden” on the show and was on “Dexter” as well! I’m not sure how I held it together but I did. I calmy and nicely asked if he would mind taking a picture and he said of course! Then I asked him a question that I wanted to ask during the panel but wasn’t able to. I asked if he got any inspiration from Michael C. Hall since he’s playing a character who’s trying to be “normal” too and he said yes! Gah!


This honestly made my weekend. You can see I have a little bit of a “deer in the headlights” look on my face. The fact he was just so nice made it even better. I still don’t know how I managed not to freak the fuck out. After this little run in, we made our way down to the Hard Rock. This is where I was able to meet a shitload of people, including Zachary Levi (“Chuck”) who we had seen all weekend, no lie. Dude was everywhere! Since it was a NBC party, it was loaded with their talent. I scored pictures with Chevy Chase (!!!), Anthony Head (“Buffy”), Joel McHale & David Giuntoli who’s in the new show “Grimm.”

DSC03182 DSC03200

DSC03204 DSC03199 DSC03195 DSC03198

RIGHT!? RIIIIGHT?! They were all beyond nice. It was such an awesome experience. I still can’t believe it happened. I’m still on cloud 9 from all of this.

I can’t believe I almost forgot this, but earlier in the day on Saturday we attended a “Destination Truth” meet up that was put on by Amanda who runs a “Destination Truth” fansite and Twitter account. She was really nice and it was great she was able to put this together. Josh Gates was as cool as I expected. He was nice to everyone and made sure we all got pictures with him. Ryder was there as well and was great too.


I had no idea they were that tall! Josh actually bent down a bit for me. How nice eh?

That pretty much rounds it all up in a nice little bubble. I actually saw Seth Green on the street today but he was on a mission. You can’t mistake him though with the ginger beard. Best part? I’m pretty sure I’m taller than him!