7 Reasons Why Opposites Attract

Have you ever wondered why the opposite personalities of men and women show attraction for each other? Have you ever wondered why the frequently used phrase “opposites attract” came into being? Here’s a clue for you – 7 reasons why people with different characters, temperaments, and tastes are so attracted to each other.

First, a little science. Do opposites attract? Certainly! But this is not about food tastes, social status, or appearance, but about genetics. Studies show that women are more likely to be attracted to men whose scent suggests they have different MHC genes (major histocompatibility complex), which affect the immune system and play a role in sex drive. This is a biosignal for a girl – she made the right choice. 

1.     Opposites complement each other

He is an active extrovert, she is a homemaker. He easily makes friends, she is well-versed, so she communicates only with very close people. We often admire those traits and abilities that we ourselves would like to have. Therefore, we strive to fill these gaps in our own personality through closeness with a person who has these characteristics, which is why opposites attract.

2.     They like to be different

Opposites are attracted to each other instantly because they are different. If you meet a person who has exactly the same tastes, traits, and attitude towards everything around you, such a relationship may bore you after a while. People always strive for variety in relationships. After all, if you find it interesting to spend time together, laugh, be happy and sad, arrange romantic dates, then, perhaps, everything will end with a happy ending.

3.     Sometimes we just want a change

All of us realize that the environment and social circle are boring, and we need to try something new. Someone compensates this with texting to girls on https://bebemur.com/ or the need to get out of the comfort zone with the help of work or travel, others – with the help of a “dissimilar” partner.

4.     Curiosity about each other

Your curiosity is likely to be piqued if you meet someone with an interesting set of qualities or habits, skills, dreams that you have never encountered before. You may feel very attached to such a woman and want to know as much as possible about her. This feeling increases in direct proportion to how different you are.

5.     They compensate each other

No person in this world is perfect. But when two people come together as a couple, they can form a solid foundation of personality that will help them compensate for each other’s shortcomings. For example, if you are an introvert, you are attracted to someone who is generally extroverted because they can help you in your interactions with the outside world.

6.     Similar temper

When you communicate closely or even make friends with people who are similar to yourself, you see all your shortcomings, as if you are looking in a mirror. There are disadvantages that you can’t even criticize because they are your own. In addition, the same disadvantages always interfere with relationships. Can you imagine what it would be like for two stubborn people to communicate or love each other? They will never give in to each other!

7.     Inspiration

One of the reasons opposites attract is easily explained by the fact that they admire the qualities of their partners. At the same time, experts believe that family happiness is inextricably connected with psychological compatibility. For normal coexistence, people should have some common interests. Only in this case, we can talk about harmony in the relationship. Still, each case is different.