I Did A Thing! I Made Comic Book Heels!

I’ve been wanting to make my own pair of comic book heels ever since I bought a pair. I looked up some different tutorials but then just threw caution to the wind. The supplies I used included ModPodge (as glue and seal) and, surprise, comics! The comic I went with is The Brothers James by Ryan Ferrier and Brian Level. It’s a black and white comic and I thought it would look nice on a pair of shoes. I think with the comic being black and white, it made it a bit easier for being my first time trying this. The heels I used were purchased for cheap on Ebay. That’s probably the one thing I recommend, using an old pair of shoes or finding a cheap pair. You don’t want to ruin a good pair of heels!

I really didn’t have a system for doing this. I did try and use only one issue per shoe. I didn’t want to mix it up and I didn’t want to end up short on comics since I didn’t know exactly how this would go. I do recommend flipping through and seeing if there’s a panel or page that really jumps out at you and trying to center it around that. I started with the heel and then worked my way around. I tried to start with the toe but with the curve, it was a bit frustrating, hence moving on. Obviously the sides of the shoe were the easiest since there really isn’t a curve to work with. As far as the actual heel, I left it uncovered. You’ll see in the photos that I used black heels so leaving it alone actually looks pretty cool.


You can see the naked shoe in the background. I used a plain pair of black pumps but you can use whatever you like! As you’re cutting and pasting, you’ll end up with some scrap pieces. I suggest holding onto them in order to fill in odd spots that you might have missed along the way. As far as how I did the cutting, I just used scissors and went to town. There are probably better or easier ways but it worked for me. Also, before you do any cutting, be sure to check the other side of the page! There were a few larger panels that I really liked, so I made sure to check the backside to make sure there wasn’t anything I liked more. I know it sounds silly but it’s something that you could easily forget about when in the zone.


I won’t lie, when I first started I was really frustrated. I wasn’t sure WTF I was going and I didn’t want to mess it up but my mom gave some solid advice. What’s that? Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The only person that really needs to be happy with the end result is you. Granted, I’m friends with people involved with this comic so I felt a little extra pressure because of that little fact. In the end though, I’m super proud of myself for how they turned out.


To see the images larger, just click the pic! So, have any of you ever made comic heels or maybe another similar project? Let me know! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Checking Out Epic Ink On A&E

I love tattoos, and I love watching tattoo artists work. I’ve been known to watch numerous shows about the art but sometimes they can be a little drama filled. I’m not here for the egos and the arguments, I’m here to see art come to life. That’s why I’ve really enjoyed Epic Ink It’s a new show that just started on A&E that centers around the crew that works at Area 51. The best part? They focus on nerdy tattoos! They’ve done a zombie pin up, a character from “The Goonies,” and a portrait of someone’s cat in space drinking a beer.


The best part about the show though is the lack of drama. You don’t have people fighting or arguing, people aren’t storming out. It’s a really fun and entertaining group of people. They throw random trivia out, talk about movies and music, and really seem to enjoy their coworkers. The only person I might have a small issue with is the receptionist. She seems a little judgey at times. It’s never in a rude way, but if I’m going for a tattoo, I don’t need someone at the front desk looking at me weird when I tell them what I want. In the latest episode, a man wanted ram horns on the sides of his head. Is it an odd request? Sure. But I’ve seen weirder tattoos. Granted, we’re only two episodes in so maybe it won’t be a huge deal later on down the road. Don’t get me wrong though! She seems like a really nice person, just maybe needs to check the reactions a bit.

I’m really excited to see what else is coming down the tracks in terms of their tattoos. I even saw a preview where they were attending C2E2! Believe it or not, I’ve played around with the idea of getting a tattoo while at a Con, it just hasn’t happened yet. I mean, a convention is hard enough on your body without nursing a tattoo.

So, do any of you watch similar shows? Have you checked out Epic Ink? If you think it sounds like something you might like, it airs Wednesday nights at 10:30 EST on A&E! Of course be sue to check your local listings to be sure.

Comics: What I’m Reading

My pull list seems to change every month but that’s a good thing. Everyone should take a look at their list from time to time to remove anything they might be over and to add exciting new comics. As of right now, here’s what I’m reading!

Rocket Raccoon: Skottie Young

If you enjoyed Rocket in “Guardians of the Galaxy” you’ll want to check this book out ASAP, if you can find it. I made the mistake of not instantly adding it to my list and when issue #2 came out, I was out of luck. My shop had sold out! I’ve since fixed that little issue and can’t wait for #3 to hit the shelves. I really enjoy Skottie’s artwork and style and Rocket is hilarious, as he should be. You’ll even find little Easter eggs like a Hall H shout out that happened in the first issue. I’m excited to see where the story goes. Skottie and Rocket are a match made in heaven.


Nailbiter: Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson

I’ve raved about this book before and will continue to rave about it. If you enjoy a show like “Dexter” than this book is right up your alley. Or if you’re like me and watch nothing but true crime reenactments and your shelves look like those of a FBI profiler. I’m pretty sure I’m on a watchlist but that’s another post for another time. The flow of the story is perfect and the art really brings everything together. It would be easy for a book about serial killers to go off the deep end and be too gory but in my opinion, that line is never crossed in Nailbiter. If you’ve been thinking about picking this up, now is the time since Nailbiter Volume 1: There Will Be Blood is available for preorder.


Black Widow: Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto

I added this book after it was announced at New York Comic-Con and it’s survived many list trimmings. While I’d love to keep every amazing super lady book on my list, I can’t afford it. The reason why Black Widow has survived is a mix of a good story and beautiful art. It’s fun to see the little cameos that pop up from time to time but don’t be fooled, this is 100% about Black Widow. If you enjoy the Fraction Hawkeye book, then you’ll probably like this book as well. It’s Natasha running around doing what she does best, being a spy and kicking ass. You can pick up Black Widow Volume 1: The Finely Woven Thread now on Amazon or in your local shop.


Sex Criminals: Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

Where do I even begin? I was hooked from the first issue. Fraction and Chip are the perfect team and I can’t imagine anyone else being able to pull this book off. What really grabbed me was the beautiful use of color. It’s not just that the colors look nice, but they help tell a story. Speaking of story, the last two issues have really hit home. I imagine they really struck a cord with a lot of readers out there. This book has a heart and soul that a lot of other books don’t. Plus it’s very sex positive which is something that seems to be rare these days. If you’re someone who’s not down with single issues, you can pick up the first volume now for $6.31 on Amazon.


That’s just a sample of what I’ve been reading. I’ve recently started reading “Wicked & Divine” and I had “She-Hulk” and “Ms. Marvel” on my list but had to remove them because of money. They were both really excellent books though that I recommend checking out. I have Marvel Unlimited Plus and plan on reading them once they hit. Of course I still have “Hawkeye” on my list as well. If you’re looking for a short read check out “Loki: Ragnarok and Roll” which was only four issues but was pretty entertaining. If you’re into digital comics, D4VE is a must read and is another short series with only five issues. Even better? It’ll only cost you .99 cents an issue!

So that’s it for now. Maybe in a few months I’ll do another post depending on how my list changes. What comics are you reading?

Everyday Cosplay: Abby Sciuto Of “NCIS”

I love Abby and while cruising around various Halloween websites, I saw that they are now selling an Abby costume. I actually dressed up as Abby for Halloween a number of years ago and can tell you that you can put together your own version of the character for a lot less than the costume. They want $45 (average) for the lab coat and $60 (average) for a costume that’s a black shirt and skirt. I’m not kidding. I was able to put my lab coat together for around maybe $10-15. This included buying a badge off Ebay. Enough with the rambling though, here’s my take on the lovely Abby.


The most expensive item are the boots but if you’re like me, you probably own a number of pairs that you can use. Let’s be honest, the platforms she wears at times take some skill! As far as the socks go, anything fun will work! This adds a pop of color to the outfit. Keep in mind, Abby isn’t always in black but it’s probably what she’s best known for. Of course we can’t forget a choker which is an important detail to the character. She isn’t one to wear anything dainty.


That’s pretty much it! The best part? If you throw a lab coat on, this quickly turns into an actual Halloween costume you can wear after you leave the office for the day! Granted, depending on the office you work at you might not be able to wear this exact thing, but you get the idea. If you wanted to make this more “Everyday” you could simply remove the socks and replace the boots/heels with a cute pair of flats!

I’m Sorry “Parks And Recreation”

I’m sorry that I didn’t watch you sooner. I have no idea why. The only thing I can think of is maybe my brain knew deep down I couldn’t handle watching you episode by episode, season by season. My brain knew the only way I could survive would be by binge watching on Netflix. You should feel honored though! My attention span is limited, especially when it comes to watching things online. Seriously, I have a hard time watching any video over 2:00 minutes. The fact that I’ve been able to sit my ass in a chair and watch episode after episode for hours is a true testament to how amazing you are. I won’t lie though. I’m just now watching because of Chris Pratt. I’m sure many of us who are now addicted to this man are trying to watch everything we can with him. The thing is, I came for the Pratt but stayed for everything else. I love everyone on this show. If you combined everyone into one person (or odd looking animal), you’d have my Spirit Animal. Ugh, and the relationships. Don’t even get me started on the relationships. My goal in life is to find someone who completes me the way April completes Andy or Ben completes Leslie. I want to find someone to role play with as a FBI Agent, while I’m running around like a dangerous woman from the 40′s.


Or is it the 50′s? Whatever, you get my point. I came into this show expecting to laugh my ass off, which I have, but I’ve found myself tearing up a few times as well. And raging over how long it took people to get together. And trying to find ways to cool myself down after seeing Duke Silver play that saxophone. Just kidding, trying to cool myself down over Ron Swanson, period.


Just look at him! Actually, don’t. You won’t be able to control yourself. Oh and Ben Wyatt?


He’s just the perfect, nerdy, guy. Just look at him up there white boy dancing. Adorable right? How can you not love him? In fact, if you don’t you can get out right now. I don’t even want to look at you. Keep moving!

I know the season coming up is your last, and this makes me beyond sad. Plus it’s only 13 episodes, which adds onto my sadness. But I’ll be watching. And I’m excited to watch it live. I’m excited to be able to talk about it with other friends and to finally not be missing out on jokes when I see a gif come along on Tumblr. So, even though I was super late to the party (I know, I’m a Jerry), I’ll be singing your praises for years to come. Thank you.

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