New York Comic-Con: Sunday!

Yes, my group only attended NYCC for two days. It was a mix of time and money to be honest. We made the most of it though! After checking out of the hotel we once again made our way to the ferry. While we were waiting for everyone to board I noticed my con friend Dustin was boarding! We waved him down and he took a seat next to Manda and we chatted as we made our way over to NYC. It turns out he was heading to Times Square for a Captain America cosplay shoot! We said our goodbyes and then I headed off to the Javits with my group.

Sunday was all about Sleepy Hollow. This year NYCC started using wristbands and clearing the main panel room. I wasn’t sure what to think at first but it turned out to be pretty great! Once inside the center we headed to the Queue Hall to get our wristbands. It was a very easy and painless process. Each panel had its own row. You just simple found your panel, walked down the chute, and then waited to get your wristband. It maybe took 10-15 minutes if that. They had two people handing them out which moved things along. After that we headed off to check in with Michael in Artist Alley. I was able to pick up my sketch but the other two weren’t finished yet.

I’m honestly trying to remember what else I did before the panel but everything is running together! I met back up with Courtney who was nice enough to pick up the Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D/HYDRA messenger bag for me earlier in the week. Look how awesome it is!

Then as we were walking through Artist Alley my friend Irma flagged me down. She was going to be calling it a day soon and we had to make sure to get our annual NYCC photo! We’ve been friends for years and since she lives in Sweden, the only chance we get to talk in person is during NYCC. I wish I had more time to hangout with her but we did manage our photo!


She’s an awesome person and has a really great web comic that everyone should read! I think after that I headed up to the floor with Court, but then lost track of her and met back up with Manda and Deidre who had found a spot to people watch and relax for a bit.

And I’ve already messed up my timeline! But it’s my post! Let’s go back to 11AM, that’s when I attended the special Marvel Unlimited Plus panel that’s for Level 7 clearance Agents only. It’s always a nice panel and they showed us some artwork for up coming comics but then, we got to see footage. We got to see an amazing clip for “Agent Carter” which will be coming to ABC in January. Then we saw a little teaser for the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” cartoon which will be hitting DisneyXD.

I’m super excited for it. But then, we got to see footage for “Ant-Man.” It was the same footage we were shown in Hall H during San Diego Comic-Con. It wasn’t anything too exciting but it was nice to see how it looked and see Ant-Man in action. After that though, we hit the jackpot as we were shown a trailer for “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” It was the same trailer from Hall H but being able to see it in a smaller room was amazing. I’ve been wanting to watch it again since July and on Sunday I was able to see it twice! When it finally hits guys, you’re going to flip out. I can’t wait for this movie.

OK, now back to afternoon-ish time. We finally grabbed something to eat in the Food Court and then headed off to get in line for Sleepy Hollow. Myself and Manda needed to use the restroom so Deidre went ahead and got in line. By the time we joined, we couldn’t really spot her but she was our forward Agent and was able to secure us some pretty awesome seats once we were allowed in. It was pretty great not having to waste a day waiting in line or in a room for a panel. As far as the panel goes, we saw the first half of the episode that aired on Monday which was pretty great. I wish it was the entire episode but they wanted time for Q&A. I mean, Orlando Jones needs to speak because he’s an angel and amazing.

After that we headed back to AA to pick up sketches and then grabbed an Uber and checked out Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Times Square. It was amazing! It’s a go at your own pace kind of thing but you get cool ID badges and you have to scan them at the different stations. They have the costumes from the movie on display as well and some really cool stuff to do! You can even control an Iron Man arm! I think it took us about an hour. If you find yourself in the area, check it out for sure. They said no photos which is why well, I have no photos. Then while waiting for another Uber, we ran into Brooklyn and Horse Cop!


He was super awesome and let us pet Brooklyn (who’s from Maryland) and asked us questions about NYCC. We even chatted MCU with him. He was really nice and pretty funny. When we rode off in our ride he even turned around and waved to us. I think he appreciated the fact we were talking to him and not just using him for his horse. Then we took the ferry back to Jersey where we started our drive home. I think we pulled into my driveway around 11:30-Midnight.

And that ended our adventures for the weekend!

First Fraction And THEN Marvel!?

I don’t check Tumblr as much as I use to. I might kill a little time on it but normally I want until Melinda sends a high alert message. One thing that I do on a regular basis though is check the stats for this blog. It’s fun to see where traffic is coming from and I was surprised to see that on Wednesday I had over 100 hits! Now, the last time this happened was when Matt Fraction reblogged my Hawkeye tattoo. And guess what?


Yup! He did it again! This time it’s not even a reblog! I know I’m fangirling here pretty hard but I can’t help myself. I’m surprised I kept it together when I met them. Chip even shared it too! I can’t express how awesome these two guys are. If you aren’t reading Sex Criminals I feel bad for you.

Then I’m going about my day on Thursday when Marvel puts out a new tweet for Costoberfest! If you don’t know what it is, they ask fans to submit cosplay photos and during the entire month of October they share them! I sent mine off right away but since they get a lot of emails, I wasn’t sure I’d make the cut. BUT I MADE THE CUT!


There I am on their Tumblr page! You can see the photo on their Facebook too! Plus it turns out my Twitter friend Andrea made the cut as well! She’s the Kate Bishop!

I can’t even with all this! It’s very exciting if you couldn’t tell! Have you ever been featured on a website for anything? Let me know in the comments!

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I’d Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another edition of 5 Fandom Friday! I was pretty excited when I saw the topic for this week. I love Halloween and this is just up my alley! Now onto the list!

1. Abby from NCIS


I’ve dressed as Abby once before actually and plan on dressing up like her again this year! It’s a fun and easy costume to pull together and people always recognize it right away!

2. Batman Returns Catwoman


Yup, this costume again. I mean, just look at her! Am I right? Of course I am!

3. Agent Peggy Carter


I love this red dress and would love to wear it for Halloween or a convention. I will do an Agent Carter cosplay though one day!

4. Black Dahlia


Whatever you do, don’t do a Google image search for her unless you have a strong stomach like myself. If you aren’t familiar with her, she’s the victim of an unsolved murder from 1947. Her real name is Elizabeth Short and you can read more here. It might seem weird to include this in a “Fandom” inspired list but I’m a “fan” (such a weird word for it but) of true crime and enjoy unsolved cases.

5. Britney Spears “Oops I Did It Again” MTV Performance


This has been on my list for a very long time, probably since the performance! Granted, this is one I’ll probably never do but oh well!

There you have it! I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with. It makes blog hopping on a Friday very entertaining! To learn more about 5 Fandom Friday be sure to check out Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!

New York Comic-Con: Saturday!

Saturday was a long day. I hit the road with Manda and Deidre around 5:30AM to make the 3 hour drive up to New York. It’s not a horrible drive, it’s just a bit boring. We kept it fun though by listening to Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1, plus doing a few sing alongs to Journey and I can’t remember how many times we heard “Shake It Off.” After driving through the rain, we finally arrived in Jersey where we were staying. Our hotel wasn’t ready yet which means we headed off to the ferry to head over to the Javits Center to get our NYCC started!

The first thing I did was drop my sketchbook off with Michael of Locoduck Studios. I always make sure to swing by and see him and get a sketch if he’s attending the same convention I am. He does some awesome work and has some cute prints available for purchase as well. He was actually super busy but because we’re “regular” customers he made sure to leave time to fit us in! How awesome is that? I didn’t pick up my book until Sunday but figured I’d share the sketch now! It’s Ron Swanson from “Parks and Rec!”


After dropping off our books, my friends went to a panel that was put on by Starz and I went off on my own. I met up with my Team Winter buddies Courtney and Sollie in Artist Alley! We chatted for a bit and then once again everyone went their own ways. Before heading out of AA though I noticed that Gail Simone was at the DC table. There wasn’t really a line which means I hopped over to the table in order to say hello. I tried to make it happen at Baltimore Comic-Con but just never made it. It was great to finally say hello in person!


I finally made my way out of AA and noticed there was an Image panel happening in the same room that Manda and Deidre had run off too earlier in the day. I started to make my way there, as Matt Fraction was scheduled to attend, when I ran into Lauren of Castle Corsetry! I was finally able to thank her in person for my amazing USO Hawkeye that she created for me. We didn’t chat long, as she was being asked for photos left and right but I managed to get a selfie before running off to the panel.


I already wrote about meeting Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarksy here but the panel that happened after was for Disney Infinity. While waiting for the room to clear and the panel to start, we chatted with Agent M of Marvel who told us that they were giving away free toys at the end of the panel. Of course we sat our asses down! If it’s free, it’s me! Our free toy turned out to be a Marvel figure for the Disney Infinity game! I grabbed a Hawkeye (of course) and the other two grabbed Groots.


This was actually the only free swag I picked up during the convention. I didn’t make it onto the floor that often but it’s all good. After taking a break and grabbing something to eat (finally) we all headed off to the Daredevil panel. Marvel was nice enough to put the panel (without footage of course) on Youtube. If you missed it, go check it out! It was really interesting and the footage we saw (4 or 5 clips) has me excited to watch this when it comes out on Netflix next year. I see a 13 hour binge session in my future.


Isn’t Charlie Cox adorable? He’s going to make a great Matt Murdock/Daredevil. That pretty much wrapped up our day. We headed back to the ferry, stopped to pick up some food, and returned to our hotel. That’s where I watched the Orioles drop Game Two of the ALCS but it’s not over until it’s over!

Expect a Sunday article later in the week!

I Finally Met Matt Fraction! And That Chip Guy.

Ever since I started reading Hawkeye, I’ve been trying to meet Matt Fraction. It’s not an easy thing to do as the conventions he attends are limited, just like my own. Then if he is at the same convention, there’s always some weird scheduling issue or it’s a ticketed signing. This time the stars aligned and everything came up roses!

I was able to attend the Image panel on Saturday which featured Matt and Chip as guests. Well, Matt was scheduled but Chip crashed because, Chip. The panel was really interesting and I learned a lot about some of the other Image books that I now plan to check out. Of course a lot of questions were about Hawkeye and Sex Criminals. Shocker, right? Some of the stories they shared though were hilarious.


Yup, I managed to snag a front row seat. It’s easy to do when you’re flying solo. As the panel came to an end, fans “rushed” the stage which wasn’t a surprise. I didn’t bring any of his/their books with me because I wasn’t expecting to actually get anything signed. That’s when I asked Fraction to sign my Hawkeye tattoo. He said it was awesome and kept apologizing for signing it horribly.


Personally, I think it looks awesome, and no I won’t be getting it tattooed. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t look super awesome and I don’t want to mess up my perfect little arrow. I quickly got out of the way though as it was a bit crazy and went to the back of the room to find my friends. We were checking out the next panel that was in the same room. While we were chatting and waiting, we noticed that Fraction and Chip were headed out way and we asked them for a photo. At first Chip didn’t want to join mine but then Fraction said “She’s short! It’ll be funny!” That’s the story of my life to be honest.


And that is how my Saturday became the most awesome Saturday ever. But I’m still annoying I didn’t have my Sex Criminal trade to get signed by them. I know, I’m never satisfied. That’s what she said.