10 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

We waste our time, love and even lives on people who do not deserve it. And what is the most ironic – very often, they themselves give us signs they are not interested but we seem to not understand. So that you clearly notice them and determine whether it is worth spending more time on a Best Single aries women from Ukraine for dating, we have written this article.

  • Why does the girl say she does not want a relationship? First, let’s figure out what is the reason. Perhaps she:

-has recently broken up with boyfriend;

-is afraid that the new novel will end as badly as the previous one;

-decided to concentrate on study/work, and relations, in her opinion, will only interfere with this;

-is not interested in relationships with men.

The good news: none of these reasons (except the last one) is a 100% guarantee that your common “happily ever after” is impossible. Because there is always a chance that she will change her mind.

  • How to understand that nothing shines for you? Another option: the girl is ready for a romantic relationship, but not with you. Then we can try to conquer her. But a serious relationship will be a total waste of time if you notice the following signs:

-if you communicate on a brides dating site, she almost always responds briefly to your messages;

-refuses to meet again and again;

-or she simply needs something from you (to give a ride, pick up, borrow money, help).

If any of this is about you and her, then it seems that the girl is either avoiding you, or considers you to be a good friend whom she can rely on, but, in both cases, does not want intimacy.

If you conduct active correspondence with her, you go for walks together, go to the cinema and generally have a spark between you that doesn’t develop into something more, then maybe the girl:

-doesn’t know you long enough (everyone has their own pace of rapprochement);

-believes that your intentions regarding her are not serious;

-sees you have a flaw that she does not like much (bad habits, lack of work, signs of possessiveness and jealousy, or something else);

-feels sympathy for someone else, and you are a friend for her.

Each of these reasons suggests that the girl hesitates – she is interested in you, but so far this is not enough to fall into your arms without hesitation. And if you want to try to win her heart, then go to the next point.

  • The transition from friend zone to relationships: myth or reality? The sad legends are made about the guys who spend eternity in the friend zone, hoping for more and eventually receive a guest invitation to the wedding. But there are also many stories about how a friend turns into a boyfriend once. We cannot say with certainty which scenario your relationship will follow. But we can give some tips on how to increase your chances of an outcome that interests you.

Be near her

If the representative of the fair sex is glad to communicate with you, this is a very good sign: she is interested in you. Show that she is not indifferent to you: show interest in events in her life and hobbies. She will appreciate it and sooner or later will begin to treat you with warmth. And then ?he can change her mind.

Try to conquer her

Friendzone is not for you? Then do not behave like a friend and openly admit your feelings. And start taking care of her. To give compliments, to show attention, to do romantic things … Yes, modern ladies want equality, but this does not mean that the initiative on the part of men is no longer of interest to them.

Change tactics

Your sincere impulses broke on a wall of indifference? Turn on the alpha-mode. The one that says “the less we care for a woman, the more she likes us.” When someone gets used to constant attention, a sudden cooling at least offends them.

  • The final signs she is not interested. So far, so good, but how to recognize that the girl is not trying to attract your attention and would like you to stop chasing her?

1. She spends hours or days to answer your messages or phone calls

Believe us, no one can be so busy that they do not have time to answer a simple message or phone call. If the girl with whom you are trying to build a relationship needs hours or even days to answer your message, but she is often online, etc., then she is clearly not interested in you, as in a man. Any girl who is really interested in building a relationship with a man will answer him within an hour or during the appearance of the next free minute.

2. When she answers you, her messages do not make sense

If a girl sends you messages without any emotions or sentences consisting of one-two words, then she is either not in the mood or does not want to have a conversation with you. If she avoids answering your questions, avoids communicating with you and answers your questions without asking you anything, then this means that you are simply not interesting to the girl, even if she says the opposite.

3. She constantly reschedules appointments or tries to reduce them to a couple of hours

She might hide it under the excuse of being too busy or forgetful, but if she is really passionate about you, she will do everything possible to make your appointment happen as soon as possible. If, for more than two times, she “reschedules” your date or tells you that she has important matters, so your date will be only a couple of hours, then this is an obvious sign that she is not interested in you like a man. In this case, her goal is quite simple, for example, to manage to visit some restaurant with you in a couple of hours, to eat at your expense or just to unwind a bit using you as a mean to achieve this.

4. She constantly talks about other men

If a girl finds random moments to start talking about other men – be it her “best friend”, a funny guy in the office at work or a family friend, then she hints at you that she already has enough male attention and she is satisfied with it to the full, so maybe you are the one whom she put in one row from this list. Or maybe the very “good friend” is her true love and she may hint at this.

5. When you are near her, she tries to avoid physical contact

If you want to kiss a girl after she has definitely let you know that she is interested in you, but at the same time she turns away and substitutes her cheek instead of lips, or if you want to grab her hand and she doesn’t want to, and she constantly keeps distance, this is a clear sign that the girl in no way treats you as the man she wants to have something in the future. It is possible that she is very shy or you are her first man, but such women are easy to identify by their modest behavior, and if you are sure that she is not one of these women, she already had men before you and she answers your physical contacts rejecting them – it’s better to safely leave this girl alone and look for someone else.

6. Body language

It’s very difficult for a woman to say directly: “I don’t like you, you are uninteresting, unpromising, you don’t enter my plans, there’s nothing to waste time for here.” Instead, her body speaks for her. Classic gestures are arms crossed on the chest, a look as if through you, if you are sitting next to her, she turns her legs and body to the opposite side, hides her hands in her pockets or behind her back, constantly looks at her watch or phone.

7. Uneasy communication

If a girl does not like you, then she will never offer interesting topics for conversation and support your ideas. There are awkward pauses and a feeling that at this moment she is thinking about something else. She does not ask you questions, does not ask about you something personal like family and hobbies. She doesn’t care where you work and with whom you live. She is frankly bored.

8. She says what she dislikes in men

If a girl starts talking about what she doesn’t like in the opposite sex and it concerns your features, this is the awful sign. For example, you are shorter than her dream-height and you have a mustache while she cannot stand it. But the most commonplace way to reject someone is to say you dislike their name. It can be done in a seamless way “Oh, it previously seemed to me that all Joshes are creepy”. But look not only what she is talking about, but also how she is talking about it.

9. The girl says she is not looking for anyone

If a girl emphasizes that she is satisfied with the situation in which she is currently or has not yet “recovered” from a previous relationship, or she is not ready for a serious relationship or loves freedom, then she just wants to get rid of your communication.

10. Flirts with others

If a girl in your presence smiles at another guy, frankly says he is handsome, praises his figure, laughs at his jokes, then you don’t need to make sad eyes or go crazy with jealousy. Look around, maybe some beauty looks in your direction right now.

It is important to understand that not all women will love you, some will treat you with cold indifference. But this is not a reason for wounded pride. Think of it as an invaluable life experience. A real man knows how to react to being rejected. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, and these tips may not apply specifically to your situation. After all, each behavior of a girl can be interpreted in different ways. Only if a girl says that she has a partner or she is gay, this is a 100% fail.