Elhoffer Design: A Post To Help With Sizing And Fit

I write a lot about Elhoffer Design. I can’t help it, I just really love her stuff. It’s just the right amount of nerdy/geeky without being too in your face. You can easily wear some of her offerings to both the office and a convention. But like with most online shopping, it’s hard to figure out your size. Even if you know your measurements, it can still be hard to figure out the fit. Maybe you like things tighter? Maybe you’re a fellow shortie and aren’t sure where a dress will hit. Well, hopefully this post will help you out. I reached out to some fellow Starpuffs (that’s what we call ourselves) to share their sizing and measurements. Elhoffer shoppers come in all shapes and sizes and I wanted to try and show that as much as possible. I hope this post will help some of you that are on the fence about ordering! If you have any other questions, please let me know and I’ll try my best to help you out!

Height: 4? 10?
Bust: 32DD (36.5?)
Waist: 29?
Hips: 38?
Dresses/Tops: Medium
Oversized Sweaters: XS/S
Extra Thoughts: I’m a solid Medium in pretty much everything. I do think I could size down in the wrap dresses to a Small and be totally fine with it. Since I’m short, hemming is a thing for sure with some of the longer dresses but in the knits it’s not really an issue. I like my stuff a little tighter, so when it comes to oversize items, I go with a XS/S

Waist: 31/32?
Hips: 40?
Size: Large

Height: 5’8? (and a half)
Bust: 41?
Waist: 33?
Hips: 45?
Tops/Dresses: XL
Skirts: Large
Oversized Sweaters: Size down to a M/L instead of XL/XXL
Extra Notes: “I find everything is very true to size. I’ve never had to return or exchange anything. The measurement chart is very easy to use and if you’re between sizes definitely size down as they’re not kidding about the stretch being very forgiving.

Height: 5? 1?
Bust: 32?
Waist: 25?
Hips: 36?
Size: XS
Extra Thoughts: I purchase XS and they fit pretty spot on even if I measure closer to a S on some pieces. It’s the beauty of the stretch that practically every piece has. In fact I have a small cardigan that I bought on Black Friday and ended up taking it in. I’m only 5’1 so I do have to hem the longer dresses and capes are a bit more epic on me length wise but it’s easy to add a hem so I’m not bothered by that.

Height: 5? 6?
Bust: 37?
Waist: 29?
Hips: 38?
Size: Medium
Extra Thoughts: Pretty much any US size 8 will fit me, though sometimes I can squeeze into a size 6. When it comes to Elhoffer sizing, I almost always get the size medium. I find that they have really generous mediums.

Height: 5? 4?
Bust: 47? (42D)
Waist: 45.5/46?
Hips: 46?
Size: XL-3XL. In unisex styles I’m typically XL.
Extra Thoughts: For me, Elhoffer’s stuff fits even better than clothes I get at brick & mortar stores. It’s loose enough to where it’s comfortable and flattering without being baggy which is an issue I run into else where since I can float between sizes

Height: 5’2
Bust: 33?
Waist: 27?
Hip: 38?
Sizing: Small or XS depending on the style/fit.

Height- 69.5”
Shoulders – 15.5?
Bust – 39.5?
Underbust – 33?
Waist- 34.75?
Hips- 48?
Inseam- 33?
Waist to knee- 23?
Arm length- 23?
Size: Normally Medium
Extra Thoughts: I usually wear a size medium, but the Galactic Commander medium was too tight. My arms are a bit too long for the thumb holes in sweaters to feel comfortable. I probably should have gotten a large in the pleated midi skirt but I’ll lose the weight!!

Bust: 35?
Waist: 28?
Size: Mainly Small with a few XS or Medium
Extra Thoughts: I like things fitted and found that Elhoffer mediums are just a tad bit loose on me. Pretty much everything I own is smalls, except my winter soldier shell and Padme cardi are XS and my commander dress is a medium

Height: 5? 3?
Chest: 36D
Waist: 30?-32?
Size: Medium/Large
Extra Thoughts: I am usually a Medium but own the bravery shell in Large as I wanted the shell to be a bit longer on my frame. The Queen of Dragons hi-low is a medium, but I’ve owned the small and was able to get myself into it but I feel more comfortable with the Medium dress as it’s not AS snug on the girls

Height: 5’1”
Bust: 40” (with a min padded bra and I wear a 36DD usually)
Waist: 36”
Hips: 44”
Biceps: 14-14.5”
Extra Thoughts: I included an oversized sweater (xs/s so more fitted), short sleeved cardi (L or xl. The extra large fits better over my bust but I can get away with the L if I pay attention to the type of bra I wear or just not close it these are my sun guardian(L) vs sailor guardian pics (xl)), Shell (L but rides up and I need to watch the bra with it), midi skirt (M but it’s tight! Not horribly uncomfortable but I notice I’m wearing it all day tight and I have to wear it right underneath my bust), unisex shawl (S but could have wore an XS it’s still rather large on me), the galactic dolman (xs-l and the length hits my knees) longline cardigan (L I SHOULD have gotten a M, it’s going to be tailored later), cropped sweater (xs/s it fits well everywhere but it’s tight in the arms, a m/l would probably be better overall but sample sale!), cropped sweater (L and due to the fabric fits perfectly) and a sweater that just buttons at the top or no button (L since I don’t have to worry about the girls and it fits over my biceps)

Not sure how to take your measurements? Christina offers this advice:

A measurement tape from amazon or a sewing kit etc. for bust measure the fullest part of your chest. Keep the tape even, flat and taught.

For waist put your hands on your hips and bend over. The part that “bends” is your natural waist. Do the same thing as above here. Hips should be lower than your hip bones around the top full part.

I normally have someone help take mine, that way I know the measuring tape isn’t messed up or not exactly where it should be. You can then save it as a file on your phone, or email it to yourself that way you always have them on you! I had mine on hand because I needed to send measurements off for cosplay commissions. Honestly, no matter where you shop online it’s always a good idea to have your basic measurements handy.

I can’t end this post without thanking everyone above who answered the call. I was expecting maybe a few people to submit their information but I was blown away by how many emails I received! I know for some putting themselves out there with their measurements can be a huge thing, and because of that I appreciate all of you. I really hope this post helps someone out there who’s on the fence about ordering. Is this post perfect? Not at all! But it’s something. I know it always helps to see clothes on actual people and not just models. Everyone has a different shape, even if they rock the same size. Curves can affect how a dress fits. Height can affect hems. Your chest can affect the stretch of a design. There are just so many things to think about when ordering clothes online, especially if it’s your first time.

Again, if anyone has any questions please let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them myself or find the answers. If you still aren’t sure about sizing, feel free to tweet about it! As you can see, the Starpuffs are super a helpful crew. Someone out there will be able to help you out. Please feel free to share this post wherever you want! I want to try and help as many people out there as possible. Tweet it! Facebook it! Hell, throw it on Instagram!


Just a little edit to say I don’t receive any sort of referral for sending people to shop at Elhoffer! I just do it because I love the clothing