OperationMAIL: Père Lachaise Cemetery

There's something beautiful and calming about visiting older cemeteries. Maybe it's the mix of the grand monuments with the more simpler touches. Perhaps it's the stories that go with them. When Katy finally shared some more OperationMAIL details with me, I was thrilled to see Père Lachaise Cemetery on the list. While you may not know the name, you probably know a few of the people who rest there. They include Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. I … [Read more...]

OperationMAIL: Autograph Stressing

When did picking something out to get signed become a stress related thing? When I was younger, I'd just grab whatever was around (newspaper, shirt, towel) and be happy with that. But for some reason, the "Age of Ultron" premiere is freaking me out and I can't decide on what to get signed. Granted, it has to be something small since I'm flying to London. Plus I don't want to be stuck carrying something heavy all day. It can't just be a regular … [Read more...]

And My Vacation Request For London Is In!

Before we get started, I hope everyone likes the new look! I've been trying to find a new theme for awhile now and finally settled on this one. I like how simple it is yet still has pops of color! I'm still playing around with it but for the most part, it's all good to go! I'm lucky to work at a place where I'm never really concerned about a vacation request being denied. I'm someone who tries to get those requests in early, especially if I … [Read more...]

I’m Going To London & Paris for “Age of Ultron”

I've mentioned in other posts how there's a lot I want to see and do besides just attend San Diego Comic-Con. Well, one has been in the planning for awhile now. I wouldn't say a full year, but probably close to it. I will be going to London in April 2015 to attend the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" premiere with Katy! Not only that, but we plan to head to Paris as well for their event. This will be my first time traveling to London and I'm … [Read more...]