OperationMAIL: Non-Marvel Things And Stuff

I did manage to see some non-Marvel stuff while in London! And see some friends! I know, it's shocking. Instead of blabbering on about things, I'm just going to share a ton of photos! Enjoy! And this photo is my one of my favorites from the trip. I snagged it while on a bus tour and we were crossing the bridge. I don't know how I managed to get this photo. I enhanced it a little bit but not … [Read more...]

OperationMAIL: Age of Ultron Has Arrived!

To say that April 21st started as a clusterfuck and ended on a high note is a bit of an understatement. Let's start from the top. When you line up for a premiere, it's similar to lining up for Hall H. It involves crazy hours and a long line. Oh, and line jumpers. We got in line bright and early at around 4AM, but we had been up since around 1AM due to messages that Katy was receiving about the line. When we finally made it to the line, we were … [Read more...]

OperationMAIL: Captain America The First Avenger

Honestly, these were the locations we were most excited to check out. Our first stop was the Titanic Liverpool Hotel in well, Liverpool. While it wasn't a hotel at the time of filming, you'll recognize it right away! The location pops up after Skinny!Steve has turned into Super!Steve. The first part that will catch your eye is the bridge where the taxi crash takes place. We actually spotted this from our hotel room and started freaking … [Read more...]

OperationMAIL: Thor & Guardians of the Galaxy!

Of course I'm going to make these posts go on for as long as I can! It's going to some time to find screen caps of everything I need screen caps of! I'm starting with the easiest, and the first spot we checked out during OperationMAIL. That would be filming locations for "Thor: The Dark World" and "Guardians of the Galaxy". Luckily Katy actually lives in Greenwich which means we didn't have far to go to hit the first spots. The location is the … [Read more...]

OperationMAIL: 1 day, 6 hrs, 19 mins

Not that I'm counting or anything. This is my last post before I head off to London tomorrow evening. I'm not taking my laptop, which means don't expect any updates while I'm gone. I will be tweeting and posting to Instagram though. The London Red Carpet Premiere for "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" is April 21st. That's probably the day where you should keep a close eye on my social media to see if I explode from excitement or say anything stupid … [Read more...]