12 Changes Check In

I’m still winning the soda battle but it hasn’t really translated into any weight loss yet and that’s OK! It takes time and dedication and I know sooner or later I’ll start to see a change in that area as well. I wrote this post earlier in the week but after weighing myself I found out I’ve lost 2 pounds! I’m sure it’s a mix of Wii Fit, Water and not eating crap at night. Go me!

As far as my current goal, at work I’ve only been drinking water and Tazo Green Tea (Yay Keurig!). I’ve been using Diet Snapple Singles as well to help break up the boredom of water. I know some people can drink whatever every day and be 100% happy, I’m not one of those people. I will say that on Sunday I drank nothing but water. It wasn’t hard and it wasn’t something I even thought about. When I opened the fridge I grabbed the 1/2 gallon water jug and didn’t put it back until I was finished. Obviously I didn’t chug it but drank throughout the day. I will say the hardest part is when you’re out for a meal. I did go out Saturday with a friend for lunch and instead of water or regular soda I went with diet. At other times I’ve had unsweetened ice tea which isn’t all that awesome but it’s not horrible either. The good news is, I walked 2.2 miles on Saturday! I attended an event downtown and my friend and I walked over from a local animal shelter where she volunteers. I think my legs almost froze off but we survived.

I’m surprised I haven’t had any headaches from the lack of caffeine but honestly, and this is sad, I don’t think caffeine has any affect on me anymore. It doesn’t give me energy, it doesn’t make me jittery, it doesn’t do anything really. Granted, I’m sure I’m getting smaller doses from the tea but even that I’m not drinking every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all! Just making an observation!

I hope everyone else is going great with their goals! I’ve been trying to make my rounds and comment on everyone. If I’ve missed you let me know! I love reading new blogs since I’m just getting back into the whole blogging thing. Plus it’s interesting to see all the different goals and plans everyone has.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, head on over to 12 Changes in 12 Months! You won’t be sorry.

Tardy To The “Hunger Games” Party

I feel like I’m super late to the “Hunger Games” party that’s been going on. To be honest, I thought the book was about vampires for some reason? No, I didn’t confuse it with that other book series. I have no idea why I thought this. Maybe I over heard someone wrong? I really have no clue. I’m super glad I finally came around and picked up the series.

The books are such an easy read. I wouldn’t even say it took me days to read them, more like hours. Maybe if you combined the hours it would add up to a day but I was seriously hooked. I just kept reading. I couldn’t stop! As soon as I finished one book, I quickly ordered the next in line on my Kindle. Oh Kindle, how I love you. I am no longer at the mercy of a cliff hanger, for I have the power of having a book instantly!

Now that I’ve read the books, I’m looking forward to the movie. I probably would’ve seen it sooner or later, but now I need to see it. I need to see The Capitol come to life on screen. I need to see what these amazing Hunger Games outfits look like! Plus I need to see Baby Thor, I mean Liam Hemsworth, in action. And Woody Harrelson playing a drunk? Sign me up!

I seriously just lost my train of thought. The kid who played the son in “RV” is playing Peeta, and he got hot? When did this happen? I think my eyes bugged out while reading IMDB.

Ok, the train is back on the tracks. If you haven’t picked these books up, do it. If you’re looking for something a little different, and easy to read then these books are for you. They won’t go down in history as the greatest books ever written but who cares? Reading should be about having fun, escaping, learning and taking a break from the world.

If you’re interested in purchasing the series, Amazon has the The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set on sale right now for $31, that’s 43% off. If you have a Kindle, you can find those links below:

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games)
Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)

If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you’re lucky! You can read each book for free. If you’re like me and not a member, each book is between $4.69-$5.98. They offer the Trilogy set as well. The Hunger Games Trilogy for Kindle is $16.85 and will save you a few bucks versus buying each one separately.

Goodbye Chuck

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve watched “Chuck” since the beginning. I actually just started watching this year. I can’t remember why I didn’t start when it first aired. If I had to place a bet, I’d say it probably came on at the same time as another show I watched. I’m very loyal to my shows and this was before DVR. The reason I started watching this year wasn’t because I heard about how awesome the show was. Or because people bugged me to watch it. I started watching because I was blown away by how nice of a guy Zachary Levi is.

With Zachary Levi

I had the chance to meet him at this past San Diego Comic Con at the NBC Party (That’s how I roll y’all). He was such a nice guy and easy to talk to! He didn’t rush us off, he wasn’t buried in his phone like most of us are these days. He actually stood there and had a conversation and then asked if I wanted a picture. Of course I said yes. Earlier in the week though I had attended a “Psych” panel at Nerd HQ. What’s Nerd HQ? It was a great place to hangout and meet other fans and nerds. Zachary put it together along with the Nerd machine and had all sorts of things going on. They had panels, parties, video games and of course food & booze. You seriously need both of these things to get through a week of San Diego Comic Con. Anyway, all the money raised from his panels went to Operation Smile. Just how much money you ask? $40,000. Yes, he was able to raise $40,000 just by bringing fans together with their favorite celebrities. When he spoke about the charity and about “Chuck”, you could see how much he cared about both. He wasn’t raising money to get good press, he wasn’t doing it because celebrities are expected to, he did it because he wanted to. He did it because he wanted to help others. When his eyes started to tear up, talking about how awesome the support from the fans have been for both Nerd HQ and “Chuck” I thought I was going to cry! The whole room was quiet and it was pretty awesome.

When I got back home, I purchased Season 1 and was instantly hooked. I haven’t started the other seasons yet but obviously I started watching the current, and last, season. Even though I’m new, I’m already 100% attached to these characters. I was on the edge of my seat during last weeks episode. I couldn’t imagine being on the edge of my seat just wondering if the show would get another season. You “Chuck” fans are amazing. The fact you were able to fight for your little show just goes to show anything is possible in numbers.

Even though I’m late to the game, I want to say thank you to Zachary Levi and to the show. I actually feel bad and wish I had started watching sooner. I’m sure it wouldn’t have made a difference, but you never know. I want to wish everyone on the cast good luck in the future and that I hope Nerd HQ is around for a long time!

Wine & Love #2

I’ve really been slacking with my Wine & Love posts. I knew I wouldn’t do it every week but this is crazy!

Wine & Love Wine:

1. Work. I’m sure this is a wine for most people but seriously, I’m over it. How am I supposed to take my job seriously when no one else does? I’m tired of inconsiderate assholes. I’m not paid enough to clean up after you!

2. The Ravens. Enough said.


1. My trip to Hawaii is inching closer and closer. I’m trying to focus on this to get me through my days!

2. I’m dog sitting this week and I love doing it! I love animals and who doesn’t love easy money? It’s going right into my Hawaii envelope!

3. 12 Changes in 12 Months! It’s great to have support when trying to make healthy changes for the new year.

4. It’s almost time for baseball season!

It’s a short list but it’s been a slow week really. There’s nothing on the horizon yet as far as plans or what not. Be sure to check out Wine & Love and join the fun!

Wooo! I Have My Next Con Lined Up!

No, I’m not talking about a “Leverage” or “White Collar” type of Con. I’m talking about a Comic Con! In the past year I’ve become a real Con whore. Last year I went to four different comic conventions including San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. I hit up two smaller events as well, my local Con and then a Wizard World event in Philly. All of them are awesome for different reasons and I enjoyed going to each one. I’ve met some amazing people while attending these events and even felt like a celebrity a time or two. Seriously, because of my Comic Con blog, I had people coming up to me at a party asking if I was who they thought I was and asking me questions and what not. It was really weird and exciting all at the same time.

Avengers Assemble @ NYCC

Anyway, my next convention is C2E2 in Chicago. I’m double excited about this since I’ve never been to this convention before plus it’s in Chicago which means I get to see my BFF and all my Chicago area friends. I was able to score a sale on Southwest as well and had some gift cards. I ended up only paying $39 out of pocket for my flight! Pretty awesome, right? As of right now, not too many guests have been announced but Josh Gates of “Destination Truth” will be there which is pretty awesome. I had the chance to meet him at SDCC and he was really nice (Shout out to Amanda for making that happen!). I hope they release some more guests soon. I’m crossing my fingers for an “Avengers” panel since C2E2 happens in April and the movie comes out in May. I could see Marvel giving the movie one last big push. They had a panel at NYCC which is ran by the same people who do C2E2. I’m hoping the stars align and it happens! It might be a huge reach but I know the next Iron Man movie starts filming in the summer. It would be pretty awesome if Marvel had something going on related to that movie as well. Like I said, I think it’s a huge reach but it would be pretty awesome.

Are any of you into conventions? If so, which one’s have you attended?