12 Changes Check In

I'm still winning the soda battle but it hasn't really translated into any weight loss yet and that's OK! It takes time and dedication and I know sooner or later I'll start to see a change in that area as well. I wrote this post earlier in the week but after weighing myself I found out I've lost 2 pounds! I'm sure it's a mix of Wii Fit, Water and not eating crap at night. Go me! As far as my current goal, at work I've only been drinking water … [Read more...]

Tardy To The “Hunger Games” Party

I feel like I'm super late to the "Hunger Games" party that's been going on. To be honest, I thought the book was about vampires for some reason? No, I didn't confuse it with that other book series. I have no idea why I thought this. Maybe I over heard someone wrong? I really have no clue. I'm super glad I finally came around and picked up the series. The books are such an easy read. I wouldn't even say it took me days to read them, more like … [Read more...]

Goodbye Chuck

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I've watched "Chuck" since the beginning. I actually just started watching this year. I can't remember why I didn't start when it first aired. If I had to place a bet, I'd say it probably came on at the same time as another show I watched. I'm very loyal to my shows and this was before DVR. The reason I started watching this year wasn't because I heard about how awesome the show was. Or because people … [Read more...]

Wine & Love #2

I've really been slacking with my Wine & Love posts. I knew I wouldn't do it every week but this is crazy! Wine: 1. Work. I'm sure this is a wine for most people but seriously, I'm over it. How am I supposed to take my job seriously when no one else does? I'm tired of inconsiderate assholes. I'm not paid enough to clean up after you! 2. The Ravens. Enough said. Love: 1. My trip to Hawaii is inching closer and closer. I'm trying … [Read more...]

Wooo! I Have My Next Con Lined Up!

No, I'm not talking about a "Leverage" or "White Collar" type of Con. I'm talking about a Comic Con! In the past year I've become a real Con whore. Last year I went to four different comic conventions including San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. I hit up two smaller events as well, my local Con and then a Wizard World event in Philly. All of them are awesome for different reasons and I enjoyed going to each one. I've met some amazing … [Read more...]